Dog with The GoFer The GoFer FAQs
Can I use the GoFer with a collar?
NO, DO NOT USE THE GOFER WITH A COLLAR!! The GoFer is designed for and intended for use with a body harness only.
Why is it called a GoFer?
Because nearly every dog we’ve ever met LOVES to “GoFer” car rides!
How is the GoFer different from other restraints?
First, the GoFer is patented; and new patents in the world of ‘pet restraints’ are exceptionally rare. The GoFer is such a unique design that is was awarded a utility patent. Second, and more importantly, the GoFer allows your dog the freedom to move around while keeping it gently restrained within the boundaries of the backseat by attaching your dog’s harness to the vehicle’s seatbelt shoulder restraint thereby utilizing its ability to extend and retract. This provides both freedom AND restraint which reduces unsafe activity and driver distraction.
How do I install the GoFer?
Please visit our Installation page for complete instructions. View Installation Page
My brand-new GoFer is stiff and hard to buckle. What should I do?
GoFers are assembled by hand to very specific tolerances and will ‘break-in’ over time. As long as you hear the buckle click into position on the back of the GoFer you are ready to go. If after a few weeks of use you still find it difficult to operate, please visit our warranty page or give us a call. View Warranty Page
What are ‘soft boundaries’?
Boundaries are essential in the life of any happy dog. Dogs with leash experience are familiar with ‘soft boundaries’ and able to move with some freedom while accepting more firm boundaries when they reach the length of their tether. The GoFer works the same way by using the recoiling mechanism of your seatbelt’s shoulder harness which allows movement when wanted and restraint when needed. Basically, the GoFer allows your dog enough freedom to not feel ‘trapped’ like other devices but still maintains control over the animal’s range of motion.
Will the GoFer damage my seatbelts?
No. The interior of the GoFer is lined with non-marking foam that will not abrade your seatbelt’s webbing.
My dog got tangled in the GoFer. What should I do?
Even the smartest dogs will experience some trial-and-error when learning a new routine. If after the first few rides you find your dog continues to get tangled, visit the GoFer installation page and consider adjusting the height of the GoFer on your shoulder harness to a level that is higher than you are currently using. Additionally, adjusting the length of the tether will also help your dog experience a better way to GoFer car rides.
What if I have more than 1 dog?
As a general rule; 1 dog per GoFer and 1 GoFer per shoulder harness. See ‘the GoFer in Action’ and check out ‘How Leslie Rides’. View The GoFer In Action Page
Can I use the GoFer in the front seat?
The GoFer was designed for rear seat use but many users with smaller dogs report success with a front seat application. However, DO NOT use the GoFer in a front seat that has seatbelt airbags or one that does not have an ‘air-bag lockout’ feature.
Can the GoFer be used with any size dog?
If your dog can fit on the seat that you intend to use the Gofer on, then yes.
My car has a convertible top; can I have the top down when I use the GoFer?
Absolutely. The GoFer was originally designed for use in a Jeep Wrangler and has undergone many years of testing to ensure a process of restraint that is VERY convertible friendly.
Is the GoFer really made in the USA?
Yes. The GoFer was invented, designed, tested, and is manufactured in the USA.
Does the GoFer come with a warranty?
Yes. All GoFers are warranted against defects in workmanship or materials for a period of three (3) years from your date of purchase. Please visit our warranty page for more information. View Warranty Page